300+ BDO Tips

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Yes, you can turn off that Tip bar under your chat, if you haven’t already. Here they are! Every tip there and more!

1) The mouse can be turned on and off by pressing the [ctrl] key.
2) You can switch between a combination-combat stance by pressing the [TAB] key. (combat – non combat)
3) Knowledge of monsters obtained during combat will allow you to see their HP.
4) Contribution points can be used for various things such as node investment, item rental and house rental.
5) You can obtain new knowledge or quests by raising your Amity with certain NPCs.
6) Press {F1} to view in-game help.
7) The family name {account name} is shared by every character within an account.
8) A character name is different from a family name. It belongs to a single character on you account.
9) Some quests will expand your inventory space.
10) The Chat window can be added by pressing the {+} button. You add it up to max windows.
11) Transparency and message filtering can be adjusted by pressing the {Setting (cogwheel) button on the left side of the chat window.
12) Don’t jump from high places! Characters can get severely injured or die from falling.
13) When equipment better than currently equipped items is obtained, a {^} mark will appear. (on the newly acquired item.)
14) Some NPCs start and end work at certain hours during the day.
15) Monsters become stronger at night but they will also give you exp.
16) While running in a non-combat stance, press the {Q} key to perform a forward roll.
17) Stand with your back against the wall and press {S} to lean it.
18) You can check the weather of revealed areas on the World Map {M}.
19) Higher quality gathering tools will make you gather faster.
20) The Amity of an NPC is shown on the lower left corner of the NPC interaction screen.
21) When your character inventory is heavy, your Movement Speed will decrease.
22) Heavy inventory will slow down your character.
23) You can tame wild horses when you reach level 20.
24) Press {CTRL} + {U} to hide the UI for a breathtaking screenshot.
25) Boss summoning scrolls obtained from quests can only be used in certain areas.
26) Without knowledge about a monster, its HP can be assumed from the color of its HP gauge.
27) HP Potions (Beginner) cannot be used after reaching level 21.
28) One day in Black Desert is equivalent to 4 hours: 2 hours of day, 2 hours of night.
29) When you get stuck in the terrain, hit the {Esc} key and press the {Escape] button.
30) You can change the way a party obtains loot.
31) Press {Esc} to open the menu.
32) Press the {Esc} button if you get stuck in terrain.
33) An {Axe} icon will appear on the top left corner of the screen when new skills are available.
34) You can set Chat macros by pressing the {M} button on the right of the Chat input window.
35) Some monsters attack you in sight. Be cautious when you travel.
36) You can process and see a list of processing knowledge by pressing the {L} key.
37) If an NPC and your character have the same Zodiac sign, it’ll be much easier to gain Amity (from that NPC).
38) All equipment items, with the exception of weapons, can be used by any class.
39) Press {L} to open up the Processing menu.
40) Accepted quests will shown in a window displayed on the right. You can left-click a quest to check its information or right-click to check the quest location.
41) Press {O} to crouch while in a non-combat stance. (Press {Space} to change to a prone position.)
42) Seeds can randomly obtained through Gathering.
43) Press {Ctrl} on the World Map to get help navigating.
44) You cannot dry fish while it is raining.
45) Fish have a certain shelf life. You need to sell them or dry them before they go bad.
46) Right-click to cancel fishing.
47) Quest targets will appear as orange dots on the Minimap. (Ex. your minimap displays a large number of red dots (hostile mobs). You need to kill a specific one. The one you need to kill will be the orange dot in that sea of red dots.)
48) Some quests require you to perform multiple tasks to complete.
49) Press {F2} to look at your Crafting nodes.
50) Contribution Points invested in Nodes, rentals, houses and so on can be retrieved whenever you want.
51) If you’re not feeling up to fishing, try searching the fishing nets near a fisher!
52) You can invest in nodes through [Node Management] NPCs.
53) You can steal crops from another Adventurer.
54) Press the {Magnifying Glass} on the top left corner of the Minimap to search for identified NPCs.
55) If you begin to feel nauseous, go to the game settings and lower the camera vibration and motion blur effects.
56) Cannot harvest drops in a another player’s garden.
57) Horses and donkeys will drown in deep water.
58) try eating the food on the tables at an Inn!
59) Gatherable resources on a field regenerate after a certain period of time.
60) You can gather resources when the interaction UI is activated near an object.
61) There are many types of Gathering and each one requires a certain tool to perform.
62) While leaning on a wall, {Observe mode} is activated that lets you see things in all directions from different angles.
63) You can see the list of social actions by the pressing the {S} button on the right of the Chat input window. Social actions can be performed with {/command} or {keyword}.
64) TO find exploration and trade quests, press the {Exploration}/Trade} icon on the top of the quest notice board.
65) To find life quests, press the {Life} icon on the tip of the quest notice board.
66) To find fishing quests, press the (Fishing) icon on the top of the quest window.
67) You can use a rope to tame wild horses when you reach Training beginner level 5.
68)Your Training level will increase as you ride horses and donkeys.
69) Contribution Points can be earned by completing quest for NPCs
70) Learning skills from a skill instructor does not count Energy.
71) Learning skills at a random location without a Skill Instructor will consume Energy.
72) To increase your maximum Energy, you need to complete knowledge on various topics.
73) You can have only one residence at a time.
74) The Black Spirit can be summoned by pressing {/)
75) Right-click the quest on the notice board to navigate to the quest location.
76) Left-click on a quest to see a detailed description.
77) The player with the most Interior Points will get tax cut.
78) Tamed horses can be registered at the Horse Market.
79) Horses can be bought from the Horse Market.
80) Press {Esc} and go into {UI Settings} to customize the interface.
81) Orange dots on the Minimap represent the quest objective.
82) Quest types can be adjusted anytime in quest window or quest list.
83) To find fishing quests, press the {Fishing} icon on the top of the Quest window.
84) The screen resolution can be changed in the {Game Settings}.
85) Right click on any location on the World Map to navigate there.
86) Press the {T} key to turn on Auto Run.
87) Sheathing a weapon makes you run faster.
88) Holding the left mouse button will allow you to perform consecutive attacks.
89) Utilizing skill combos is necessary for efficient combat.
90) Press {T} to activate Auto Run.
91) Pickaxes, Butcher knives, Logging axes and so on can be purchased from tool merchants.
92) Press {Ctrl} on the World Map to see tooltips.
93) Contribution Points can be earned by completing quests. (In most cases, you will earn Contribution Point exp which goes toward gaining another Contribution Point.)
94) Contribution Points can be used to rent special equipment from certain NPCs.
95) Greeting an NPC will raise Amity. (Often at the cost of Energy)
96) Your Karma decreases when you fail at stealing.
97) You can steal various items from NPCs.
98) Killing wild/tamed horses will decrease your tendency. You may even be criminalized.
99) Dead horses and donkeys can be revived at the stable.
100) Carrots recover your horse’s Stamina.
101) Wear backpacks to be able to carry more items.
102) Running improves your Stamina.
103) Eating food will improve your Health.
104) Tools like the Fishing rod, Logging axe and pickaxe cannot be repaired.
105) (One point of) Energy is restored every 3 minutes.
106) Energy recovers faster when you are resting at home in your bed.
107) Nodes need to be connected in order to trade.
108) Contribution Points are required to connect nodes.
109) A lump of Raw Sugar can be made through Heating. It takes 10 Raw Sugar and 1 Mineral Water.
110) Low fishing resources cause slower fishing speeds.
111) Add to your storage space by buying Storage in a village.
112) Carrying Trade items in your inventory will attract bandits.
113) You need a rope in order to tame a wild horse.
114) Rope for taming horses can be bought from the stable.
115) Lumps of Raw Sugar increases the success rate of Taming.
116) You can create a Lump of Raw Sugar through Heating.
117) Lumps of Raw Sugar requires 10 Raw Sugars and 1 Mineral Water to make.
118) Residences and workshops can be purchased by pressing the {Town} icon on the World Map.
119) Purchasing Town Storage will increase the maximum slots available in storage.
120) You can call your horse by left-clicking on the {Horse} icon in the left corner of the screen.
121) After pressing {Enter} to display the Chat Input window, press {Alt} + {2) to turn talk to the world.
122) After pressing {Enter} to display the Chat Input window, press {Alt} + {3) to whisper. Type the name of the player you want to whisper to on the right side of the input window.
123) Use HP potions to heal yourself.
124) Skill Points can be earned in Combat. (Combat increases Skill Point exp. When the Skill Point Exp Bar is filled, a new Skill point is awarded. )
125) You can receive Combat quests at the Inn.
126) Press the {Gear} icon in the Chat window to filter the chat.
127) Some quests can only be received at night.
128) Some of the NPC’s only appear at daytime. (Some other NPCs only appear at night.)
129) Your character’s AP will decrease when it’s raining.
130) Stand against a wall and press {S} to lean on it.
131) Press {Q} to crouch.
132) Press {Q} at the edge of a cliff, balcony or roof to sit on it.
133) Press {Q} while sitting down to change your motion.
134) Press the {Text Balloon} icon when you are sitting/leaning to make a signboard.
135) You need workers in order to craft certain items.
136) Workers can be hired from a Worker managers in town.
137) If you have given your mount the right equipment, it can run faster.
138) Horses will randomly learn skills as they level up.
139) You can use skills without placing them in the quick slot by combining directional keys with mouse buttons.
140) When your mount gets stuck, press the {Horse} icon on the top[ left corner of the screen to escape.
141) If your character gets stuck and cannot move, press {Esc} to return to a nearby safe zone.
142) You can trade using the Marketplace.
143) Press {Space} while crouching to crawl. (Not sure about this one. I THINK when I tried it, pressing {Space} put me in a prone position. Using directional keys while in either position allowed me to move.)
144) Gathering consumes 1 Energy.
145) You can create a guild/clan by talking to the Guild Manager in a town or city.
146) You don’t have to complete every single quest.
147) World Chat costs 1 Energy per message.
148) Press the {>>} button in the Party window to leave the party.
149) You can rent a garden from the ingredient merchants in Heidel and Calpheon.
150) You may be able to find seeds by gathering bushes or wild herbs with your bare hands.
151)You can get some useful information from the people staying at the Inn.
152) You need a residence and a cooking tool in order to cook.
153) You can see the health of a monster after you learn from it.
154) You can use a controller by configuring the game settings.
155) You can but items from other players through the item Marketplace.
156) You can make huge amount of profit with Imperial Trading but it will make you vulnerable to enemies.
157) New horses can be obtained through breeding.
158) When the night comes, a special merchant appears somewhere in the town.
159 Some NPCs might give you benefits when you become friends.
160) You don’t have to complete every quest.
161) If you’re a Warrior, press the {Q} key in combat stance to perform a shield block.
162) You can open hidden treasure chests around the world with keys.
163) Horses and donkeys can be attacked by monsters.
164) You can create clans for free.
165) Creating a guild requires 300,000 Silver coins.
166) You can exchange 100,000 Silver Coins for a gold bar at the Currency Exchange.
167) Monsters become stronger at night but will give you more EXP.
168) You can jump over a low wall or fence.
169) Right-click the {House} icon on the top left corner to navigate to your residence.
170) Right-click the Horse icon on the top left to (display location and) navigate to your horse.
171) Contribution Points that have been invested in nodes (or rented items) can be retrieved whenever you want.
172) You can obtain new foals through breeding.
173) You don’t have to complete a quest at a designated location.
174) Almost every door in the town can be opened.
175) You can transport your character to another town by using the Character Transport System at the stable.
176) Annolisa Rosie in the Calpheon can help you delete your Knowledge or create a bookshelf for it.
177) A bookshelf of knowledge can be sold to other players.
178) Better Knowledge will give you various bonus effects.
179) You can put a maximum of 3 horses in one stable. Stables can be expanded later in the game.
180) Black stones can be extracted from enhanced equipment.
181) Blacksmiths in town can repair your equipment.
182) Perfect repair will restore some of the lost maximum durability.
183) After the Black Spirit’s first awakening, you can perform Enhancement and Transfusion.
184) You can send items from one storage to another storage.
185) Item transport takes a lot of time depending on the traveling distance.
186) You can repair your own equipment if you own a residence and anvil. (Anvil cost was 50,000 when I checked).
187) Most of the quest objectives can be found around the quest location.
188) Not all quests need to be finished at the designated location.
189) Sometimes a quest reward will increase your inventory slots.
190) You can obtain knowledge about monsters by killing them.
191) Paste bait will speed up fishing.
192) If you buy a shipyard, you will be able to build ships.
193) Use a Trade Item to gain knowledge about it.
194) Press {N} to open up your friend list.
195) A clan can have up to 15 members.
196) Press the {S} button on the right of the Chat Input window to open up a list of social actions.
197) In order to trade, Trade items must be bought from one trader and sold to another.
198) You need to reach Training level 5 in order to tame wild horses.
199) Your Training level will increase when you ride horses or donkeys.
200) Using skills with commands will help you to fight more efficiently.
201) Use both the directional keys and mouse buttons to perform combat skills.
202) Horses randomly obtain skills as they level up.
203) Environmental events in a certain region will affect the market prices in that region.
204) You can build a wagon to trade more efficiently.
205) Mechanical mounts, such as wagons and boats, are considered consumable objects.
206) Even if the durability of a mechanical mount runs out, it can still be sold at a stable or wharf.
207) Mechanical mounts, such as boats and wagons, can be crafted at workshops.
208) Bargaining might give you a chance to sell your trade items at slightly higher prices.
209) Crops will periodically catch the blight and have a lower yield.
210) You have to buy a Shipyard to craft a boat.
211) Use a trade item to obtain its knowledge.
212) In order to fire a worker, open up the worker list and press {Fire}.
213) Certain types of food will recover the Stamina of your workers.
214) Worker Stamina can be restored with beer, oatmeal or cheese pie.
215) Sometimes you need to get to know other NPCs before you can talk to certain NPCs.
216) If your fishing rod is worn out, fish won’t bite.
217) Press {Shift} to use your Stamina to run (Sprint).
218) Select a production node that you’ve invested in on the World Map to send your worker there.
219) You can register your Horse Emblem with the Stable keeper.
220) You can receive a horse by registering a Horse Emblem.
221) Left-click the {Horse} icon to call your horse. Right-click to navigate towards it.
222) Press {R} near your horse to ride it. (Press {R} while mounted to dismount.)
223) Skills can be awakened once your reach level 48.
224) You can recover your horse’s Stamina with carrots, but it is much cheaper to recover it at the stable.
225) Fertilizer will make your garden crops grow faster.
226) The species of fish available depends on the location.
227) You need a fishing rod in order to fish.
228) Crops that need pruning do not grow.
229) Blighted crops will get damaged over time and their yield will decrease significantly.
230) Use an empty bottle at a river to obtain a Bottle of River Water.
231) Use a Bottle of River Water on your garden to increase its water deposit.
232) It takes longer to catch fish when there are low fishing resources.
233) Fishing resources can be managed by the lord of the region.
234) For smoother gameplay, you will be unable to see other players until you reach level 5.
235) To reach level 50, you need to complete the “[Co-op] Defeat the Weakened Belmorn” quest.
236) [Co-op] quests are difficult to complete, so it is recommended to proceed with a party.
237) Multiple workers can work at the same time in certain workshops, such as the Shipyard.
238) Some items crafted through Cooking and Alchemy can be packaged and sent to the Imperial Court.
239) A combat skill will consume less MP/WP when executed with a command.
240) Use the by-products of Cooking and Alchemy to gain Silver coins. Contribution EXP and other ingredients.
241) Left-click the character names in the Chat window to interact with them.
242) You can unlink a horse from your wagon whenever you want.
243) Contribution points that you invested can be collected again at any time.
244) Saving various settings (Quick slot, Chat Window, Minimap, etc) requires some time to save on the server.
245) When an opposing guild does not declare war, war maintenance cost will be deducted every two hours.
246) If you run out of carrots for the horse, take a break at the nearest stable.
247) Register gathering tools to a Quick slot! That way, you can quickly gather what you want.
248) Only one worker can take the promotion test at a time.
249) A musket can be enhanced with a Black Stone. A safe enhancement cannot be guaranteed.
250) Rare gems can be difficult to find while gathering. Sometimes they can be obtained through Node Production.
251) You can use Elixir of Amity to get closer to an NPC.
252) You can set system notification messages in {Esc} – {Game Settings} – {Game}.
253) The shards collected after defeating a leader can be exchanged for an item.
254) You can consume Energy to level up a node.
255) When the level of a Node is increased, the item Drop Rate in that area will increase.
256) 10 Energy is required to invest into a Node. In order to reach level 2, you must invest 10 times.
257) Press the {Z} key to absorb the Black Spirit’s Rage and gain unique abilities.
258) You can transfer the Black Spirit’s Rage to your colleague with the {X} key.
259) If you empower your colleague with Fury Transfer, only 50% of the total Fury will be transferred.
260) You can purchase a Boss Summon Scroll from the Pearl Store using Loyalties.
261) A hungry pet will not function properly.
262) Black Stone Powder can be obtained by grinding various crystals.
263) Multiple workers can work at the same time in a Shipyard.
264) There’s a man wearing a black mask at an inn near Velia who will find people for you.
265) A war will be canceled if a guild does not have enough funds to support the war. Prepare enough funds before declaring war.
266) When a Boss Summon Scroll us used, the quest to kill the boss will be automatically accepted.
267) You have to reach a certain level to use a Boss Summon Scroll.
268) If you have a maid at your residence, you can use the Storage or Marketplace in the field.
269) You can recover workers even while riding a mount.
270) After entering a field, you cannot use a maid for 20 minutes. Maids have a cooldown time of 20 minutes after one use.
271) If you equip a horse with four costume items, the chance of learning a skill increases. Enjoy both fabulous looks and useful skills.
272) Horses with certain skills have a better chance of breeding higher grade horses when mating (including exchanges).
273) The bonus buff applied depends on the number of days you did not connect.
274) You can use {Breath of Aal} to share useful effects with party members.
275) You can buy the design for Calpheon Noble Equipment (Suit & Dress) from Tailor Merv.
276) If you win in a competition of knowledge against the NPC Pickpocket Hailey in Altinova, you can obtain a useful reward.
277) The Guild Insignia can be registered on Monday. Once registered. you must wait 1 hour until it can be changed again.
278) Morco, an NPC from the Crow Merchants Guild, can tell you where the smuggler is at night. He can also sell you valuable items.
279) Extra interior points can be obtained when certain objects are placed with furniture in a residence.
280) Every guild that has declared war can be seen through the Guild UI under War Status.
281) Missing 281 through 289.
290) When a monster is killed using an {Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll}, you can obtain a Memory Fragment.
291) If you collect 5 (Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll), you can obtain a Memory Fragment.
292) Explore Serendia Shrine with other adventurers. [Kzarka the Lord of Corruption] is awaiting you.
293) Things such as cannons, fortresses/command posts and seeds will disappear when they are collected so be careful.
294) You can increase guild morale by {Cheering} through Conquest Status.
295) You cannot delete mail that has an attachment.
296) Show off your horse’s appearance by {Hiding} your mount’s equipment.
297) If you plant a seed in a garden and neglect it for a long time, the crop yield may decrease.
298) When a worker levels up, the worker’s abilities will improve.
299) Please uncheck the “Auto Arrange” box if you cannot move items inside your inventory.
300) If you left-click an item while holding {Shift} in the Chat window, you can show the item to other adventurers.
301) Missing 301 – 308
309) Items needed for production must be stored at the local storage in the region your workers belong to.
310) When your {Cooking} and {Alchemy} level increase, you will be able to craft a greater variety of items.
311) You can check all of the fish species you have caught in the {Fish Guide}.
312) When your character has a lot of quests in progress, accepting a new quest will be difficult.
313) You can gain various benefits by communicating {F5} with a horse.
314) Only the Guild Master/Guild Officers can accept and complete a guild mission.
315) You can invite an adventurer in the dame channel to a party through the chat window.
316) Even when characters are offline, 1 energy is recovered per hour.
317) Open the world map and press Alt + Right-click to set up an auto routine for your character or horse.
318) To use the guild stable, your guild must win a guild house auction first.
319) You need to buy a Villa Invitation from the villa manager Valencia City in order to use the villa.

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