Bernarr’s Quick-n-Easy Contribution Grind

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Everyone knows you need contribution points. It’s unavoidable. I am lazy. It is known. So, I do some CP dailies, but not all of them. The ones I do are fairly quick.  These do not include dailies from the Black Spirit. The first set are SouthWest of Calpheon-

SouthWest Calpheon Dailies


North Kaia Ferry

400 CP XP 

There are two dailies for Catfishmen here. These are worth 200 CP XP each.

From Grince-

  • Get Fat Catfishman’s Rib Meat (10)
  • Get Catfishman’s Fin (30)
  • Get Catfishman Light-Armored Warrior’s Leg Meat (30)

From Bernatisha-

  • Defeat Catfishmen (120)


Mansha Forest Scar

800 CP XP

This is sort of a cratered type scar across the road, you’ll find 4 dailies here. These are all worth 200 CP XP each.

From Bornello-

  • Destroy Rhutum Tower Pillars (5)
  • Dissasemble Rhutum Sculptures (5)
  • Pull Down Rhutum Hut (5)
  • Destroy Rhutum Rations (5)
  • Defeat Rhutums at their Outstation (100)

From Pampia-

  • Defeat Rhutum Elite Warriors (15)
  • Defeat Rhutum Elite Brawlers (5)
  • Defeat Rhutum Elite Archers (15)

From Sybiem-

  • Take Mansha Warriors’ Horned Masks (50)
  • Take Mansha Javelin Hurlers’ Masks (50)

From Cheesin-

  • Defeat Mansha Goblins (120)

Rhutum Sentry Post

200 CP XP hourly

There are two quests here, one you can get hourly to pick up 200 CP XP and a Rhutum Amulet. You can exchange these amulets for a Rhutum belt and an additional 200 CP XP when you have 2 and 4 amulets.

From Elinke Visamin-

  • Defeat Rhutum (80)


That’s it for the Calpheon area dailies I actually run through. The others are in Mediah, in the vicinity of Tarif.


Tarif and Kasula Farm CP Dailies

400 CP XP

In Tarif, Ekta will give you two dailies, for 100 CP XP each. One will have you kill 80 Manes at the Manes Hideout, the other will have you kill 80 Rogues at the Wandering Rogue Den.

The other CP dailies are next door to Tarif at Kasula Farm. You can pick up a quest to bring Jamune a fertilizer sack and to kill 10 Grass Hedgehogs. Each of these is worth 100 CP XP.

Tarif Dailies



I’ll update this post as I find other easy-peasy CP dailies.

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