Good things come to those who bait..

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And use a boat!

Because you cannot drive anyone elses boats, and you do need to get around on the water to fish, you will definitely want your own fishing boat for excursions! You can also make a tidy sum building boats and selling them on the marketplace. We will discuss both aspects here, as you need one to do the other!



Building Your Fishing Boat




Since you need to be able to build them in order to sell them, this is the logical starting point for this post. We’ll go through the materials, connecting the nodes, and getting your boat built the Bernarr way- Maximum Profit! With an analysis for you lazier folks who don’t like making the most money you can.


First, the material list-

  • 25 × Usable Scantling
  • 50 × Birch Plywood
  • 25 × Bronze Ingot
  • 30 × Pine Sap
  • 30 × Black Stone Powder
  • 16 × Flax Fabric


The Flax Fabric was added in a patch during the time I was not playing, so I am taking this chance to update my previous pages about this subject from the ground up. The "Value Packs" were also added, so we will be taking those into account as well.


Next we’ll go over how to obtain these materials-

Usable Scantling – You get these from chopping plain old logs. Chop 10 logs at a time. You can get 1 – 4 Usable Scantlings off each 10 log chop.

Birch Plywood – You can send your workers out to farm lumber for you. You’ll need to turn the lumber into planks, at 1 labor per 5 lumber. You can then use a worker at a Wood Workbench to turn those planks into plywood.

Bronze Ingots – For these, you need copper and tin. You’ll also need to heat the ore into shards, then you can use a worker at a Mineral Workbench to turn those shards into ingots.

Pine Sap – For these, you use a Fluid Extractor on a Pine Tree. You usually get 1 or 2 sap per tree, so bring out a bunch of extractors if you have the cheaper ones.

Black Stone Powder – Grind 2 × Rough Stone to obtain one powder. You can get Rough Stone while manually mining, rather than sending your workers out to mine for you.

Flax Fabric – You can send your workers to farms to gather flax. You’ll then need to turn that raw Flax into Flax Thread by heating it, then Flax Fabric by grinding the Threads.


So now that we know what we need and how to get them, we need to know where to send those workers, right? Here are some map shots!

Your best friend in this game is a good map. You will want to bookmark this one; as it is, hands-down, the best map I’ve seen for a game. Ever.!/


Birch for your plywood-

Birch Sites


Copper and Tin for the Bronze Ingots-

Copper Sites

Tin Sites


Pine Tree area, you’ll need to look around for them-

Pine Tree Sites


Farms with Flax nodes-

Flax Nodes


If you need to see the full-size images, here are direct links to those-

Birch –

Copper –

Tin –

Pine Trees –

Flax Nodes –


Keep in mind that when you send workers, you need the nodes between where your workers are housed and the node you want to send them to connected. This can get costly, contribution point-wise. You are also going to need Beer to keep your workers going, so let’s address that now!

Beer Ingredients

  • 1 × Sugar
  • 2 × Leavening Agent
  • 6 × Mineral Water
  • 5 × Grain (wheat, barley, potato, etc)

The sugar, leavening agent, and mineral water you will purchase from a cooking shop. You can click on the NPC Finder icon in the top right by your mini-map-

NPC Finder

This will open the NPC Finder page. If you click on the Cooking icon, it will path you to the nearest cooking shop-

NPC Finder Page

Your workers need 176 Stamina to build one complete fishing boat. This requires 88 Beer. Since the results vary by skill, we’ll go by making 88 batches. Once you get a higher cooking level, you will get 3 – 4 Beer at a shot. You start off with 1 – 2 per batch. So, to prepare for 88 batches of Beer, you need the following-

  • 88 × Energy
  • 88 × Sugar
  • 176 × Leavening Agent
  • 528 × Mineral Water
  • 440 × Grain

Make sure you also have a Residence with a few cooking tools in it as well. A bed is useful, too. You normally regain energy at a rate of 1 energy every 3 minutes. While logged in, and resting in a bed, you gain 3 energy every 3 minutes. If you do very large batch runs, like I do, this helps a lot.

If you go about this the smart way, and use your workers to harvest that wheat, you only have to buy the cooking shop ingredients. At a base factor of 88 batches, you will spend 240 silver per batch. For 88 batches, this will run you 21,120 silver.

You can dual-purpose your Flax nodes and spend an additional 1 contribution point and send another worker (each), as they both have Wheat nodes available as well. You can also, if you plan on needing a LOT of Beer, pick up the farms around Velia. There are 3 of them, all of which have potato nodes. Each of the farm nodes (Finto, Bartali, and Loggia) will run you 2 CP, for a total of 6. The potato nodes will also each run you another 1 CP, for a grand total of 9 CP to have 3 extra grain-producing workers.


So you have all of your ingredients ready, where do you build this magnificent, money-making beast? Why, at a Shipyard, of course! Specifically, a Level 2 Shipyard. The closes one to where you’ll have most of your workers is Iliya Island, northwest of Velia. You need 5 contribution points for this connection path. You will also need 7 CP to get the Shipyard on Iliya Island. Here are the connections you have to make for that stretch-

Velia to Iliya Island

Full-size image link-


Building Fishing Boats for Profit!




Keep in mind that anything you buy will cut into your profit margin! 

Now you can build Fishing Boats. You can also make them at a profit. When the game first launched, I was among the very few actually building boats and selling them. At that time, the marketplace price was capped at 1.5 million silver. We also did not have Value Packs, so we took a hit for 35% of that right off the top, leaving us with a total of 975,000 silver. If you have a Value Pack, you now only lose 5% to the marketplace. The sale price has also gone up to 2 million silver. So now your potential total sale can net you 1.9 million silver.

We discussed previously which nodes you need to connect. The best thing to do, and what I have done, is to connect them all up from Velia through Heidel City, Glish, Keplan, to Trent. If you also want to ship your worker’s gathered products back to Velia without having to go collect them yourself, you’ll also want to connect Calpheon to your network. You’ll also need to leave some silver in each city’s warehouse so you can ship everything remotely from your map. I drop 500k in each, then replenish as needed. It lasts a while, so don’t worry if you can only drop 30-50k or so in each. Anything you gather in Keplan or Trent has to go through Calpheon first. They cannot ship directly to Velia, but Calpheon can.


First, let’s go over the cost of buying everything to make your boat, because I know you are asking why you shouldn’t just do that. These prices are taken from the marketplace, as I write this, on Thursday, August 18, 2016 on the Edan server. You’ll want to check the current marketplace pricing, especially if you are on a different server.

25 × Usable Scantling – 275,000

50 × Birch Plywood – 325,000

25 × Bronze Ingot – 200,000

30 × Pine Sap – 51,000

30 × Black Stone Powder – 30,000

16 × Flax Fabric – 129,600

88 × Beer – 105,600

Buying everything, unless you 1. don’t care about the silver, and 2. are only making a boat for yourself, is dumber than dirt, as you can see. It takes 1,116,200 silver to buy everything to make a single fishing boat. Pretty dumb when you compare it to the 21.120 silver it costs for the things you absolutely have to buy to make your beer, huh? So let’s look at the numbers overview for this-

Buying all materials, selling for 2 million silver

Net Profit Without Value Pack – 183,800

Net Profit With Value Pack – 783,800

Buying only cooking vendor materials for Beer, selling for 2 million silver

Net Profit Without Value Pack – 1,278,880

Net Profit With Value Pack – 1,878,880


The profit difference is the same in both cases – 1,095,080 silver. When you are building something to make money, you don’t want to give up anything you don’t have to. Yes, it takes time and energy for you go to out and farm up the materials you can’t send your workers to gather, but you make more. Most of this stuff you can gather while you are grinding or running quests. That is precisely what I do. While I am not actively cooking or doing something with alchemy, or anything else that specifically uses my own energy pool, it just builds up and sits there. Most of the time I end up dumping it into nodes I farm for specific items, which I will write up in another post. So I use that energy to gather at any mining or tree nodes I come across.

Which brings us to the next part- What if I only buy the stuff I have to gather myself? Since your workers do not collect plain old logs in any form, this would include Usable Scantlings, Pine Sap, and Black Stone Powder. The total cost of those materials will run you 356,000 silver. So let’s look at those profit margins, eh?

Net Profit Without Value Pack – 922,880

Net Profit With Value Pack – 1,522,880

Obviously not the best you can do, but a decent profit. All in all, it is up to you how you want to do this, if you even want to make money off boats rather than just making one for yourself. I was churning out a boat every day and a half or so. If you use more workers, and leave your game running, you can definitely push them out faster. You are really only limited by the number of workers you have available for building. I’m sure if you have 2 or 3 (or more) workers running through each of the 6 materials for a fishing boat, you can get them built fairly quick.

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