Once more unto the breach.

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We have returned to BDO! ArchAge has once again been back-burnered. It got boring fairly quickly. Some of us do still play over there, and others get on if people need help.

For now, we are concentrating on the awesomeness that is Black Desert. We are rebuilding, so if you want to join up, or talk to us about joining, get a hold of someone in leadership! You can also use the Contact Form or leave a comment on this post. We have a post up on the official BDO forums here-



You can also get a hold of one of us in-game-

These are in “Character (Family)” format.

  • Saranynn (Bernarr)
  • Echostryke (TheStorm)
  • Isaborg (Turgard)
  • Fridthjof (Hilding)


We plan on doing it all- GvG, Node Wars, PvE, PvP, you name it! We like to fish too  [good]  We love doing scrolls, too! We are currently running through guild missions to get points to dump into the combat skills, then we’ll finish off the level 3 fishing bonus.

Current Buffs:

  • AP +2
  • Fishing +2


Are you a group of friends looking for a guild, or another guild looking to merge due to whatever reason? Get a hold of us in a comment here, through the contact form, or in-game!

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