Chuckling Casket Articles of Agreement


Article I. Rights and Responsibilities

1. Every member shall have a vote in affairs of moment involving the Casket.
2. Every member shall obey civil command while on board any Chuckling Casket ship.
3. Every member shall keep their Weapons and Gear clean and fit for engagement.
4. No member shall disembark their ship until it has been made ready to depart at a moment’s notice.
5. No member shall strike another during prowl. Quarrels will be settled on shore.
6. Gambling is permitted anywhere and at any time.
          a. You may only gamble with currency on your person.
          b. Shares in future prizes may not be mortgaged against current wagers.


Article II. Distribution of Prizes

All crew for any ships present shall receive their fair Share of any prize taken while on prowl. In the event that multiple ships are present, the ranking Quartermaster; according to date of promotion; shall be responsible for distribution of shares upon liquidation of the prize’s cargoes.

Repairs to the Ship shall come first. Funds for such are to be set aside prior to distribution of Shares.

After repairs, crew Shares may be distributed as per the Share schedule below. Ten (10) Shares from each Prize shall also be added and remitted to the Quartermaster-General to be deposited into the Chuckling Casket Operations Fund.

Shares shall be assigned by rank.

1. The following Officers shall receive 2 Shares each:
          a. Captain
          b. Quartermaster
          c. Doctor

2. The following Officers shall receive 1.5 Shares each:
          a. Sailing Master
          b. Boatswain
          c. Master Gunner
          d. Security Chief

3. Other Officers on board, as well as any Doctor’s Assistants on larger ships, shall receive 1.25 Shares.

4. General crew shall receive 1 Share each.

Any Member, in Good Standing, who brings forth the prospect of a Prize or Job to their Ship shall receive one extra Share upon taking of the Prize or completion of the Job, regardless of the Crew Member’s rank.

Article III. Ranks and Privileges

The Flag Captain shall be addressed as Captain-Commander. This is the Leader of Chuckling Casket.
The Flag Quartermaster shall be addressed as Quartermaster-General. This is the Co-Leader of Chuckling Casket.

With the exception of the Flag, all ship Captains and Quartermasters shall be elected by their crew.
          a. A Captain shall be the final authority in times of battle and parley.
          b. A Quartermaster shall run the ship at all other times.
                    Maintaining order, settling disputes, and distribution of supplies shall also be the Quartermaster’s domain.

Any Crew Member may, at any time outside of battle or prowl, call for a vote to replace the Captain or Quartermaster of their ship. The Crew will vote between the current Captain or Quartermaster and the Crew Member calling for the replacement vote. A 75% majority of votes is needed to remain or replace the Captain or Quartermaster.

1. Doctor
The Doctor shall be the best skilled crew member in the healing arts. On larger vessels, a Doctor may, with approval of the Quartermaster and crew, appoint Assistants to aid in his duties during battle. The Quartermaster shall approve the vote and put it to the crew to cast their votes.

2. Sailing Master
The Sailing Master shall be the best skilled and most experienced pilot from among a ship’s crew.

3. Boatswain
The Boatswain shall be responsible for the maintenance of the vessel as well as it’s supply stores. The Boatswain shall notify the Quartermaster of any deficiency in stores or any requirements for repairs to the vessel.

4. Master Gunner
The Master Gunner shall be responsible for the maintenance and repair of all ship-board weapons, as well as ensuring there is sufficient ammunition secured aboard the vessel for prowl.

5. Security Chief
The Security Chief shall be responsible for the Marine Compliment on board a ship. These Marines shall repel boarders and protect the security and integrity of the ship in general.

Article IV. Offenses and Punishment

A Ship’s Jury shall consist of 5 randomly selected members of the crew when such is required.

Expulsion from the Company shall consist of removal from the rolls, removal of access to any Company Resurrection Node, and death at the hands of your now-former shipmates.

Garnishment of Prize Shares shall be an available punishment. A members Share shall not be penalized by more than 50%. The period may be variable based on the crime and judgement of the Ship’s Jury. Shares forfeited to garnishment shall be added to the Company’s Operating Fund, so must be submitted to the Quartermaster General.
A Captain may never order a garnishment without a Ship’s Jury.
A Quartermaster, however, may order such provided the offense did not involve theft. The period may not exceed 3 Prizes. Anything further must go before a Ship’s Jury.

1. Theft of any scale, whether from Officer, Crew, or the Company in general, shall be brought before a Ship’s Jury for judgement.

2. Desertion of your ship or quarters during battle, without sufficient reason or purpose, shall result in immediate expulsion.

3. Failure to keep your Weapons and Gear fit for Engagement shall result in being fined 50% of your Share for the next 1 to 3 Prizes. After reaching a 3 Prize penalty, a Ship’s Jury shall be convened to determine further punishment.


Article V. Parley

Parley is a tradition amongst Pirates which must be honored. If the Captain of a prey ship asks for parley, it must be granted. This gives them the chance to save their ship and crew by simply turning over their cargoes to us. Parley should be short, so as not to be used as a delaying tactic by some dishonorable non-Pirate Captain.

Article VI. Chuckling Casket Operations Fund

Each ship shall add 10 Shares to it’s total crew Share count. After repairs to the ship are made, Shares shall be distributed amongst the crew.
10 Shares shall be remitted to the Quartermaster-General to deposit into the Operations Fund.

This Fund shall be used to perform upgrades to ships throughout the Chuckling Casket Fleet.
Non-Member Agents shall also be paid from this Fund, on occasions where such payments are warranted.

Article VII. Amendments

Amendments to the Code may, from time to time, be necessary. Amendments may be put forth by any Member of the Company in Good Standing to be voted upon. Any amendments must first be presented to a Council of Captains to ensure it is not a frivolous addition to this Code. The Council must approve any Amendment with a vote of no less than 80% in favor of approval. If an Amendment passes the Council of Captains, it shall be put forth to the General Membership for a final approval vote, which must exceed 75% of all voting Members.