Under Article VIII, Section 2, Clause 1 of the Cinderfall Syndicate charter, this is the official Chuckling Casket Conflict Registry List. We will remain in a state of conflict with the following organizations until such time as they have been removed from this list. These organizations have no choice whether they are removed from this list. Their only choice is what they offer in their conflict cessation package.


These will likely remain permanent fixtures, due to Wilks Chekov’s rhetoric against the noble Pirate Profession.

And apparently we also need an extended, non-Wilks, list of organizations whose members spew their own anti-pirate rhetoric. These may come off the list, but the cessation package is going to have to be fairly hefty for us to even consider it.

These Organizations may approach the Casket with conflict cessation package offers.
* There is no guarantee that we would accept any offered packages. *