Chuckling Casket in Dual Universe

We are pirates, through and through. Our internal systems are based on the practices of Old Earth pirates, a thousand years and more before the SKiD. Thankfully, corruption has always been a part of the human genetic makeup. All of our people were placed on the lists bound for the arkships after some palm-greasing. There may be some favors to repay down the line, but it was well worth it.

Being a Pirate in Dual Universe will be far more challenging than this profession is in any other game. It will be a life choice, it will take cooperation and communication. Most of all, the Pirate lifestyle will take dedication. We won’t always be fighting, though there will be a fair amount of combat at times! 🙂  In the beginning, it will also take a lot of mining, stealing, and killing on the ground and immediate areas surrounding the safe zones. We’ll need to create a sort of temporary mothership to carry our fighters and provide a home and fire support for those fighters. As we raid and put aside resources, we will be working on a newer, better, ship or work with one of the ship design organizations to have them create and build one for us. We do have tentative agreements with some organizations for supplies, ships, and ammunition.

Do you have what it takes to dedicate yourself to the life of a Pirate? We will, among other activities, provide those fringe services the law-abiding folk don’t want to dirty their hands with, but do have need of- smuggling, spying, espionage, sabotage, information brokering, the opportunities are endless and limited only by what our clients are willing to ask us to do. This may include raids against settlements or bases or space stations or convoys for specific items or because our client may want that piece of land (or sector of space). We may be needed to quietly extract an asset, whether a person or a piece of gear or a ship that needs to be transported to our client’s research lab or military installation, or some neutral sector of space, maybe even to a third party station or city. Maybe someone needs revenge, but can’t carry it out themselves. We can help with that, too 😉

We believe in a sort of “military citizenship”. This is not to say that everything is rigidly structured to demanding military specification. It means that everyone who is able to fight will fight when the need arises. Regardless of whether you are a miner, or a farmer, or collect some other resource. Maybe you build or design, but if you want to fight, there will be plenty of opportunity! There will also be times where we must fight to defend our members or assets.

Chuckling Casket operates on the PMP (pronounced “pimp”) system. This is Prowling, Murdering, and Plundering. If we are not actively engaged in defense or internal building pursuits, we will likely be out PMPing to make some fun cash on the side! Or maybe someone has a beef and we get up a group to go help that CC member be a general nuisance to those they have beef with. These aren’t mandatory attendance activities. They’re completely for fun! In most cases, we do not dive into any venture we make without investigation. For in knowledge lies power, and knowing when and where the shipping lanes will be used, provides profit!

The first thing you’ll want to do is read over our Articles of Agreement, which are based on our ancient Pirate ancestor’s own Articles. We allow gambling though, because what pirate doesn’t enjoy gambling on anything and everything? Article III is likely to be modified once the game is released so we have pertinent officer occupations. If you have questions, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us! You can use the Contact Form if you like, or Sign Up for an account on our site and post in the forums. You can also jump on our Discord if you like-

What are we looking for? The whole shebang!

  • Pilots
  • Gunners
  • Medics
  • Engineers (Build and Repair)
  • Scripters
  • Marines (Ground/Shipboard combat infantry)