The Chuckling Casket guild was formed in April of 2015 in ArcheAge. Bernarr and Raseri decided to split off from the Twizted Exile guild in order to enjoy all aspects of the game and start PKing. They wanted a fun name, a few people recommended “Laughing Coffin” as it was a PK guild from SAO. A play on words resulting from that guild’s name was settled upon and Chuckling Casket was born! Several members of TE came with us, but most have fallen by the wayside, either due to boredom with AA or real life issues. Or in the case of our favorite drunken Irish members, they went back to the EU servers.

Chuckling Casket was, at one time, a member of the Coalition on Lucius, before the merger with Ezi to form Nazar. Due to internal issues, and Raseri eventually leaving the game, CC was disbanded and many members went to other guilds for a time. Then we merged our former members with Kivolt’s Invisible Inc guild. There was much fun during this time. Then came the server merge and the merging of Invisible Inc into Goon Squad. In the beginning, things were good. Then they began to fall apart for various reasons. We will end the ArcheAge history here, as it’s a shit game. We don’t play it much anymore, especially with the awesomeness that is Black Desert!

That awesome logo? It was made by Diance. It took a while and much harassment on Bernarr’s part, but it got done and it is awesome!